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November 19, 2011
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Hetalia according to my sister by Amaii-Shiawase Hetalia according to my sister by Amaii-Shiawase
I just put down a bunch of characters and asked her who she thought they were.
Her output after finding out who everyone was in order:

France-The mOoOooOoooOOooves liek Jaggaaarrrrrrr.


Latvia-I stand by my statement.

England-How the fuck should I know that he is England, I can´t see his teeth!

America-What! That is not America. That guy is too nerdy to be an American. He needs to have, like a football swoopy haircut.
Be buff as FUCk. And maybe have gonorrhea or something.

Russia-Well, I could see that being Russia because of the nose. But somebody else has big noses too, who was it? Oh yeah, JEWISH PEOPLE.

South Italy-You can tell, cause hes FAT. Well, hes gunna be fat the way hes chowing down.

Finland-Where the fuck is Finland? °After seeing map°
Oh, Thats Finland on the map? Wow thats pretty big. OH its norway! I thought they were a little Island that was destroyed after the vikings!
Wow my head hurts.

China-NO THAT IS NOT CHINA. You cant have long hair in China, its illeagle! They throw you in jail and slit your throat or something.
If they had wanted me to know that was China he would be holding a dog and taking a bite out of it, or something.

Canada-Yeah, I think maple trees make people GAY

Austria-Hey, isn't that your country? NO. That guy looks fucking angry, and that would make me say, ´´Hmm, maybe I DONT wanna go there, cause that guy looks like he would want to beat me and my family.``

Belarus-°Sees another map° THATS BIG TOO! You know, when im in class and they show us a map, I see china and fucking europe. Not things like Burlesque or whatever the fuck!

Prussia-Hes really dirty, was it dirty there? He needs to wash his face.


Spain-but spain isnt that happy. Are they? Oh, acctually they do grow alot of pot.

Hungary-DUDE I CALLED IT! Cause i was thinking, all the girls in hungary had big boobs. All the girls in Hungary were fierce and ate alot of bread.

Lithuania -Did something happen in Lithuania? maybe I hit my Lithuania when I fell yesterday.

Poland-I dont really know anything about Polish people. Are they really that angry? How did they not stop Germany in WWII?
Way to not live up to my expectations. Poland you disgrace me.
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Gay4Brae Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I hereby find this to be hilarious. Why, some may ask? Because I have a sense of humor. And on that note I leave you to all boil and hate over some stupid interpretation of characters based off of simple images of a show a person has never seen before. Adding on top of that the fact that she was not the one to create the stereotypes, and only knew of them, and as such was guessing based off of said stereotypes. GOOD DAY, GENTLEMEN.

And women.
RyokyoLoverFTW Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
That was extremely racist. Your sister has a very questionable sense of humor. From the amount of hate she is getting from this, I'd say you should consider taking it down, for your sister's sake and everyone else's.
Amaii-Shiawase Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hello, yes. I have considered taking this down before ( the only reason I really added it those two or so years ago was the fact that she urged me to) however, as triggering as it is, I cannot seem to do it. As soon as I began receiving messages outlining how ignorant and racist she is, I told her. I told her, and have continued to tell her everything, thus far, that has been said for her, and against her. Instead of being angry or embarrassed, she's glad that she has been able to make some--even a small amount of people-- interested by this. You see, not EVERYONE who has taken notice of this has hated it; in fact, I would even go as far as to say that the majority has either been neutral, or positive. THis does not excuse the fact that it is very offensive and I really am planning on removing it, but you must keep in mind that Hetalia is a show BASED off of widely spread stereotypes. If anything, I believe that she was merely perpetuating the stereotype of ignorant Americans, herself; not to mention the fact that she was labeling based off of other widely spread stereotypes that have become so terribly prominent in American culture. I apologize if I have offended you in any way, as I know you planned for your response to help me. 
BlackLotus29 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
/start rant

You know I'm sorry about my reaction, I do have to let it out. but I really want to bash your "sister's" face in the pavement. No offense but that was rather offensive of her. especially the part about Canada and Gay. Gay is a word that should never be used as a way to demean someone or a Country. Canada's a great place to live in we allowed gay marriage since 2005 while we are not perfect WE CARE about human rights, Your sister's word really make her sound like a *censored* little prat. She needs to grow up and open her eyes to the world around her there are OTHER things going in the world than her American Egostitical backward views.

/end rant.
Amaii-Shiawase Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
/start response (?)

Please do not apologize for your opinion; it is entirely valid and I agree wholeheartedly. Believe me, I am one who often finds herself in similar situations; therefore I relate to your position. Yes, it certainly /was/ offensive- it was meant to be a joke. Although that does not in any way condone the triggering descriptions she used in her manner of speaking, I do believe that it should be considered in your perception of her character. I, as well, have often chastised her for her use of the term 'gay' as a demeaning adjective; however, having been raised in a strict religious environment, her views on homosexuality are often obfuscated by the egregious religious teachings that homosexuality is a sin. Personally, I admire Canada's decision to allow marriage rights regardless of the sexes of the involved parties. My "sister" (it's been awhile since I called her that, ha)does not hold any contempt for Canada as a whole; if anything, it is her bigotry that is her largest downfall. Her claims did make her sound ignorant and, likely as a "prat" ( not entirely certain what this means- but I will assume it is similar to 'bigoted fool'?). I understand that you are irate, however, in all risk of offending you, I will say that I believe you have misjudged her based on a group of successive claims she made when she was not in her right mind. Many Americans- especially the pious sort, sadly- do fall into the category of "American Egotistical"; my sister is no exception to this rule. However, you too are setting stereotypes by claiming that this is the main factor of her character. She is so much more than that, and, at the risk of sounding boorish or impertinent, I desire that you refer to her in that way instead of making audacious claims of your desires to "bash [her] face into the pavement". At the risk of offending you further, that was a rather immature thing to say.

Your opinion is valid and I respect it entirely. Although, allow me to critique the way that you claimed you wanted to inflict physical harm on an individual whom you have judged entirely on one instance of dry humor; it honestly took a lot away from your very strong argument. IF you actually read all of this loquacious drabble, then thank you- I suppose. And I hope that you will forgive her, despite her bigotry, she's actually a very wonderful person who I have grown to love as if she were my real family. :) I hope you will forgive my rudeness- no hard feelings?

/end verbose response (?)
BlackLotus29 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Don't worry i'm not offended it was done on the heat of the moment because my brother is gay and well I usually have that reflex to say such things(bashing their face in) to people when they say things like that. As for the American thing wasn't saying she was like that only that it made her look like that (I Think) That was my original thought anyway but the rant maybe got the better of me.
Amaii-Shiawase Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
It's actually quite funny, as I identify as a lesbian. I understand such inclinations; I have felt them at times as well. Yes, I understand your intentions in invoking the aforementioned stereotype- she did sound like that, but I was mostly feeling sympathy for her, and others alike her, as they cannot control the amount of misinformation and lack of education in American schools- especially religious ones. Rants tend to do that, but that isn't always a bad thing! The heat of the moment is when we are the most honest, and that makes your words important. In fact, I encourage you to continue speaking your mind; it's one of our most prominent privileges as humans, and I believe that we should use it to the best of our advantages ^^
JesslaBleh Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Oh goodness, I laughed so hard at her output of America! Geez, these were all funny :D
Amaii-Shiawase Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, she´s really silly!
JesslaBleh Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Lol, seems so! :D
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